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Several of our patients have provided us with testimonials.



"The office is kept casual, and comforting. Dr. Clark is very knowledgable when it came to my knee problems. He was very thorough in explaining my conditon, how to treat it, and what I can do on my own to continue with treatment between visits. I had severe knee pain following a marathon that I ran. My orthopedic physician recommended physical therapy to resolve it. Dr. Clark was able to further address the issue, and my mind was at ease after leaving my first visit. My knee condition is very common among athletes, and with proper therapy I am able to run again. After receiving 6 weeks of therapy, I am now confident to run again. If you have been living with chronic pain, I can ensure you that Dr. Clark can help ease your pain."



"I will probably always have some pain but it is manageable through exercise. It is a long process and it doesn't happen overnight. I do not experience back pain like I once did. I would highly recommend Dr. Clark. He will listen and answer all of your questions. He takes his time with you and is always very punctual."



"The office has friendly books and magazines to read. Dr. Jeff goes through everything to find out what is causing your problems. Thirty years of working in the trades completely destroyed my back and hands. I have been to a few chiropractors in the Fox River Grove area. Since I found Dr. Jeff, he has made my life easier to handle. He goes through exercises to help you stay loose, he works on your back if you have knots and tights muscles. I would recommend everyone who has back, leg, or anything else that hurts to see Dr. Jeff, and he's even good to talk about the Bears."



"Dr. Jeff is a personable person. If you ask a question, he gives you a straight answer. If you are still unsure about his answer he will explain it in a different way. He uses posters and models to help provide explanations and visuals. I came into the office with migraines (I have had for over 20 years), shoulder pain, and back pain. I have learned through the exercises and visits with Dr. Clark what I can do to help myself. Since seeing Dr. Jeff, I have been migraine free! That is astonishing to me. I have more time to spend with family and friends instead of being cooped in a dark room. Dr. Jeff has provided me with exercises to build up the weak parts of my shoulder and back - things that I can do on my own so I won't need to continue to pay for services. He truely cares about the well-being of his patients. Dr. Jeff is more than just someone who "cracks your back," which is what I assumed was the only thing a chiropractor did. It took me 20 years to realize that seeing a chiropractor can really help with your body's ailments, Dr. Jeff cares about his patients, he wants to know how you're feeling, and if bad, he makes it better. He works with you to help strengthen your body. If you have problems with your neck, shoulders, back, legs, etc. come and see Dr. Jeff you will be truly amazed at the outcome."



"The office is pleasant, professional, efficient, on-time service, no waiting, appointment schedule maintained throughout the day. Dr. Clark's communication skills are excellent. Detailed explaination of condition, with plan of action throughout treatment. Ongoing communication as to process and further treatment needed. Questions are welcomed and answered completely. With proper treatment and follow-up exercise program, I can have a normal life. After rotator cuff surgery, the surgeon advised that even with physical therapy, I would have limited range of motion. After several months of extensive therapy, Dr. Clark has my range close to 90% of range. I could not be more pleased. Unlike other clinics, Dr. Clark works with one patient at a time which I believe accelerates the recovery period. I would not go anywhere else."



"Dr. Jeff's communication skills are excellent. He takes time explaining the problems you are experiencing and what leads to the problems and pain associated with your issues. I have learned that I need to become more active and exercise more. Dr. Jeff has made me realize that no one has to live with pain. He is always very reassuring that things will improve. I strongly would recommend Dr. Jeff to all my family, friends and associates that I work with for chiropractic care."



"The atmosphere in Dr. Clark's office is very comfortable and relaxing. I actually look forward to going because I feel so great after I leave! He is always on schedule, I have never had to wait, he runs a very efficient office! I am always on time, and he is usually waiting for me! Dr. Clark has an amazing skill in communicating with his patients. He commits 100% of his time when you are with him. He takes the time to explain about your condition, the treatment and really cares about his patients. I feel like I can ask him questions about my condition and he answers in a way I can truly understand. I learned about my back, muscles and nerves and how my body reacts to stress and physical demands. I learned with proper diagnosis, and treatment, my condition would be healed. I was taught exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles which reduces the strain on my back. If you are experiencing pain, call Dr. Clark. He is very professional, caring and dedicated to his work. If you go to him for treatment, you will feel like a special patient. I have nothing but positive things to say about every aspect of Dr. Clark and his practice."



"Dr. Clark's communication skills are excellent! Dr. Clark explains and communicates your problems and solutions in plain language. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Clark. If you are just an old guy like me who needs a tune up now and then or a conditioned athlete, Dr. Clark is your guy."



"There is a little or no waiting to get in for an office visit. Dr. Clark is very flexible and easy to work with to schedule or reschedule appointments. Dr. Clark is direct and precise in explaining your condition, how it needs to be treated, and expected outcomes. I may have some ongoing problems, but my condition may be aided by exercises given by Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark is outstanding in his field. He is always working to improve his expertise and his practice."



"The office atmosphere is welcoming and clean. Also the office location is convenient and easy to get to. Dr. Clark is always warm and pleasant. He has always been thorough in explaining conditions. He also takes great time and cares during treatment. There is always discussions on pain level status before treatment. I've seen Dr. Clark for 3 different conditions over a ten year span. With each condition I have learned why the condition occured and how to prevent it from reoccuring. As a ballet dancer and instructor, I have received treatment that has allowed me to continue with my work and live life pain free. I have recommended Dr. Clark many times before. My husband, family, friends and even students all of which have been happy with the results."



"Dr. Clark is excellent, and LISTEN'S, informative, understanding and respectful. Proper exercise is of the utmost importance. He did not blame my pain on my age, which I cannot change, but recommended exercises which I can do and no drugs! When I first came to Dr. Clark I could not walk without a lot of pain. Now it is tolerable and improving. I am able to work in my garden along with many other things. I recommend Dr. Clark to everyone. Sometimes we wait too long to seek help. I told Dr. Clark some time ago that if I could afford a "personal trainer" I would choose him."



"Dr. Jeff realizes my time is as important as his; he schedules his appointments so that there is rarely any waiting time. Upon entering the sunny waiting room, Dr. Jeff, as he likes to be called, greets me with a smile from his desk. After updating Dr. Jeff on my condition, he works on the areas needed or where I am experiencing pain. He is my partner in helping me treat my chiropractic issues. I like and respond to Dr. Jeff's pronged treatment approach: massage, stretching, and adjustments. Before I started seeing Dr. Jeff, I experience severe pain in my neck area and shoulders due to degenerative disks and osteoarthritis. Dr. Jeff is a professional chiropractor whose healing skills changed my life from one of almost constant, pervasive pain to one that is almost pain-free. By my choice, I see Dr. Jeff every 2-3 weeks for treatments that naturally keep my neck and shoulders supple. I'm especially pleased that I achieved these results without the use of steroid shots and pills. Give Dr. Jeff's practice a try! He will listen to your issues and together you can achieve the same results I did!"



"Dr. Jeff's communications skills are spot on. Dr. Jeff is a great listener, a direct speaker and easy to understand. From listening to me describe symptoms I was concerned about, to him explaining medical jargon or a rehab exercise, I felt confident that I understood the treatment process, his medical explanations and a variety of therapy exercises. But best of all, I was relieved that I was finally being heard as a patient! I learned that I didn't have to deal with the pain and limitations I thought I had to! For almost 6 years I had been living with a lot of pain and tenderness in my leg which I attributed to years of strain from my active lifestyle and growing older. Upon evaluation, his keen sense of the physiology revealed my underlying problem. Dr. Jeff has a wonderful intuitive approach which undoubtedly is partially attributed to his own active lifestyle. It's nice to know he would never facilitate a treatment or ask me to do an exercise that he himself wouldn't do. Truly a doctor that can "practice what he preaches." As a professional performing artist for over 20 years, my body has endured the demands of intense dance training and performances. Dr. Jeff is one of the only 3 doctor's of chiropractic medicine I have ever allowed to work on my body, and literally the ONLY doctor I have chosen to maintain regular treatment sessions with. If you're living with pain and not recieveing medical treatment, Dr. Jeff is a great person to start with. If you're working with a current medical professional but aren't satisifed or have maybe plateaued with them, then come try Dr. Jeff. I'm not saying he can make my 94 year-old grandmother run a marathon, but as a good listener with great medical inuition, he can definitely work with your honest expectations and will give 100% to get you where you hope to be."



"Dr. Clark always takes the time to listen to me, the problem and cause, and explains the reasons and what it will take to correct it before treatment. I am very active, with work and sports. Periodic treatments and self maintenance made it possible for me to work hand and play hard. I highly recommend Dr. Clark for his treatments and diagnosis, but also for his explaination of prevention and maintenance."



"Dr. Clark always greets you with a smile and makes you feel comfortable. He is very dedicated to his work. It shows in his office with all the latest equipment needed to get you on the mend and out of pain without surgery. He explains why and what he's doing. He makes sure you understand what the problem is and goes through each step that you can do to help him help you. He does not rush, he takes the time you need to feel better. I am now able to live a better lifestyle. I have had four surgeons recommend surgery, which can be risky with no guarenteed outcome. Dr. Clark is skilled in both chiropractic care as well as physical therapy. Please give him a try before the medication or surgery. I am sure you'll be amazed at the outcome."



"Dr. Clark's is honest and to-the-point. Treatment has let me go back to the life I used to have before I had my back injury. I have recommended Dr. Clark to many others without hesitation."



"Dr. Clark consistently creates a welcoming and relaxing environment, where as the patient, I always feel like I come first. Dr. Clark communicates with patience, understanding, and caring. He is always professional and takes whatever time that is necessary to explain and answer questions. His treatment has influenced my life by teaching me that I don't have to live in pain. It has also enabled me to live an active lifestyle and made it possible for me to run a marathon.I would highly recomment Dr. Clark. His passion for his profession as well as the care and well being for patients is evident. I am confident in saying he gives the best care possible."



"Dr. Clark does a great job at educating his patients. His approach is educational, hands-on, and allows for the patient to learn, not only about their condition, but exercises and treatment to help build strength & flexibility."



"Dr. Clark continually explains procedures and exercises thoroughly and effectively. He answers my questions and explains it in an easy way for patients to understand. Treatment has made it easier to perform my daily routine and alleviated the pain that I was experiencing prior to treatment. Dr. Clark is an excellent chiropractor who has helped me understand and manage my condition and I fully recommend that other seek treatment with him."



"The office is clean and comfortable - it's nice to have the coloring books and crayons because over the years I've brought my children to almost every appointment! (Over just about 9 years, that's a lot of appointments!) Dr. Jeff has phenomenal communication skills. He has always kept me informed of my condition(s). How to avoid recurrent injuries, exercises to aid my recovery and how to manage any pains associated with my condition(s).Since becoming a patient, I have learned how to maintain my body to avoid injury. Had fewer bouts of migraines thanks to a stronger overall body and acupuncture. My neck has better range of motion and my back feels better more often than not. If you have issues with you back/neck or are interested in strength conditioning - make an appointment with Dr. Jeff! You'll feel better and be happier."



"When you talk to Dr. Clark, his knowledge of Chiropractic and the inner workings of the body is obvious. He knows all of the technical terms but is able to convey this in a way that is easy to understand. My treatment has influenced my life significantly as my job requires me to walk about 8 miles a day. I was in quite a bit of pain everyday with my feet (plantar fascitis) and hip pain. After treatment from Dr. Clark and the subsequent stretching, weight training, orthotics regimen, I am now pain free. I would highly recomment Dr. Clark because of his knowledge of chiropractic. He cares and listens, his methods get results."


Anne Marie

"Dr. Clark explains chiropractic issues in a way that is easy to understand. He defines all medical jargon so patients can comprehend what is happening to them. Treatment has increased my mobility and decreased my discomfort. I have become more flexible. Dr. Clark is very skilled and has a great way of targeting patients chiropracticly and personaly. He maintains a professional demeanor at all times and explains his procedures well."



"Dr. Clark is able to break down and explain things so you can understand them. He takes the time to talk you through every step. I have learned that with the right stretching and exercise most ailments can be prevented. The treatment has helped me live a more active life. I can still do the things I love to do instead of staying away because of pain. Do the stretching and exercise's that Dr. Clark shows you, that is the difference maker."



"Dr. Jeff has real compassion for my needs and seems genuinely interested in my well-being. He thoroughly explains his prognosis and treatment plan. He saves me time by having all my information easily accessible in the patient room on his laptop instead of having to rifle through a bulky patient folder. My past experience with chiropractors always left me feeling like I was at the mercy of my appointments to 'feel' better. Dr. Jeff gave me back control by teaching me exercises and stretching techniques that I can use to better my situation, reduce my discomfort, and lead to a faster recovery. If felt like a partnership. The exercises and stretched provided to me during my treatment are now apart of my daily regime that helps me stay fit and pain free."